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Listing of Teacher Pages

The following is a list of links to all of the Visitation grade level teacher pages. Each teacher's page is unique to their classroom. The teacher's goal is to keep parents and students updated on what is going on in the learning environment.

Mrs. Nancy Sendelbach (rm 101)
Mrs. Mary Jo Marek

Mrs. Helen Krajewski (rm 106)
Mrs. Judy O'Sullivan

First Grade
Mrs. Cindy Burke (rm 102)
Mrs. Jill Martino (rm 103)

Second Grade
Mrs. Jo Anne Nebbia (rm 104)
Ms. Erin Voss  (rm 105)

Third Grade
Ms. Kelly Skilondz (rm 107)
Mrs. Denise McMahan (rm 108)

Fourth Grade
Ms. Jennifer Brooks (rm 122)
Mrs. Christi Doyle  (rm 123)

Fifth Grade
Ms. Connie Sundling (rm 124)
Ms. Amy Consolazio (rm 125)

Sixth Grade
Mrs. Maureen Drahos (rm 120)
Ms. Jessica Clifford (rm 126)

Seventh Grade
Mrs. Margaret Creed (rm 113)
Mrs. Kathryn McVey  (rm 114)

Eighth Grade
Mrs. Jacqueline Osterhout (rm 115)
Mrs. Marie DiPompeo (rm 116)